Friday, May 14, 2010

Lord Cranbrook's Lecture

Lord Cranbrook visited us on the 5th May 2010 and gave a lecture at UPM to an audience of over 150 people on "Conservation Issues In Tree Crop Plantation".

Calvin of was present and wrote up a report @:

CABEP 2010 (3)

13 students and 4 teachers from SMK Kidurong, with 3 CIMB Shahida officers took part in the third CABEP at Samarakan on the 8-9th May 2010.

This group of students was the youngest of the 3 groups that has been through the program, with students from Form 2,3 and 5 and was again an all female team. They took to the program with great enthusiasm, asking many questions of the lecturers and were very energetic in the field.

After a short introduction on Conservation and Biodiversity, Mr. Benjamin Toh gave a very informative lecture on “Energy Conservation”, with many practical tips on how to reduce our electricity bill. Joanes gave an overview of the Sarawak Planted Forest project and “Plant Conservation”, Alex talked about what he does in “Animal Conservation”, Ollince on “Odonata”,Ann and Joslin from Sarawak Forestry Corporation(SFC) presented the flora and fauna that can be found at Similajau National Park and the role of the SFC. Mr. Tham again drove a long way from his base to Samarakan to talk about “Water Conservation In Agriculture & Forestry” on Sunday morning

The evening jungle walk was again a great success with sighting of a large owl at the beginning of the trip, a sleeping SpiderHunter and Kingfisher in the forest, some species of frogs, many different species of phasmids, spiders (one carrying a large egg case beneath it) and snails. We heard the flapping of birdwings from high in the jungle canopy and Alex apparently spotted a Slow Loris.

Unfazed by sun nor rain, a drizzling early Sunday morning did not deter these young girls from getting out of bed for birdwatching at 6.30am and they spotted egrets and kingfisher feeding at the lake with Jimmy and Joanes to guide them.

The rain stopped after breakfast and the students again had a great time catching dragonflies and damsel flies for identification under the guidance of our Odonata lady Ollince.

The students did a great presentation of what they have learnt from the program after lunch and awarded “Idols” status to Joanes and Alex and a “Sister” to Ollince, for their teaching and guidance in the program and for the wonderful work that they do as conservation officers. Some students expressed interest in taking up conservation work and forestry as their career in the future.

This brings to a close the first part of the CABEP 2010.

In the next part of the program, the students who have been to Samarakan will educate others about what they have learnt, with guidance of their teachers, Rotarians, members of the Natural Science Society and Sarawak Planted Forest Conservation Department.

Thanks again to everyone who made this program possible, organisers, sponsors, guest speakers, participants and the people who took care of us at Samarakan. We have learnt a great deal running this program and have enjoyed it too!