Friday, November 12, 2010

CABEP Outreach by SMK Kidurong to SK Kidurong

SK Kidurong students : all keen to answer questions.
Over 800 students in the audience!

Andiana speaking on conserving electricity.

Andiana and Rini from SMK Kidurong Interact Club did a presentation on Conservation and Biodiversity to students of SK Kidurong this morning.

Over eight hundred students from primary 4, 5 and 6 were in the audience.

Andiana talked about Odonata, Work Intelligently & Save Electricity while Rini talked about Water Conservation.

The speakers did a wonderful presentation which was highly interactive, with prizes given for students who could answer the questions which they posed. Those who got to answer the questions received the “Go Green” reusable shopping bags.

The occasion was extra special for Rini as she graduated from SK Kidurong only 2 years ago and must have felt extremely proud to have the opportunity to come back to her old school to share her knowledge with the young students there.

Congratulations to Andiana, Rini and your team, to Cikgu Madeline for her effort and guidance & to the Principal, Teachers and students of SK Kidurong who hosted the event and gave us all such a warm welcome. We look forward to more good work together!