Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pictures at the CABEP Competition 2010

Endela, Lau and Riwhi are the judges.
Andiana and Nurul holding the fort.

SMK Bintulu winning presentation.

OC Billy Young welcoming speech.

SMK Bandar's presentation.

The SMK Bintulu Team with Teacher In Charge Anne Ting

Teachers in charge & Principal Representative of SMK Bandar
& CIMB representative Mr. Choo CH

CABEP 2010 Competition

The CABEP Competition was held on the 28th August 2010 from 2-4pm at the New World Suites in Bintulu.

Three schools participated in the event, namely SMK Bandar, Bintulu and Kidurong.

SMK Bandar did the first presentation with 4 students presenting, followed by SMK Bintulu and then SMK Kidurong on topics ranging from Water Conservation to the plight of Dolphins in present day. Andiana and Nurul bravely held the fort as their two team mates did not show up for the competition and did brilliantly. They presented a video interview of their teachers and fellow students and what their thoughts were on conservation. Unfortunately the audio did not work well on their otherwise very creative and excellent work.

Endela Tipot (Sarawak Forestry Corp), Riwhi Diamond (Sarawak Planted Forest) and Lau Song Ting (Lawyer) were the judges, each of whom posed a question to the students after the team presentation. The answers in response was mostly adequate, and some were even quite brilliant, demonstrating good understanding of the issues concerned by these young students.

SMK Bintulu emerged champion, taking the 1st prize money of RM600. They also won a framed wildlife photograph for their school, a selection of Natural History books and a 2 day 1 night trip to Bukit Minah Field Station.

SMK Bandar was first runner up with RM500 prize money and SMK Kidurong second runner up with RM400, framed wildlife photographs and natural history books.

The prize money is intended for use by the Interactors to do outreach project in their school and community to further promote awareness of conservation and biodiversity.

The 3 teams also each received a memento of a collection of photographs taken during their field trips to Samarakan.

We thank CIMB Foundation for their sponsorhip of the CABEP 2010 without which the program would not have been possible, and look forward to their continuing support in the years ahead, for which we pledge to do our best to put on a high quality program on conservation for our young students

We thank also all the speakers who have given us their time and the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

Our appreciation to Joanes Unggang and his staff at the Conservation Department of the Sarawak Planted Forest for their untiring effort, Riwhi Diamond, the Training Center Manager for hosting and taking good care of us during our field trips, Sarawak Forestry Corporation for their support in providing expert speakers, our organising chairman Billy Young from the Rotary Club of Bintulu who coordinated the activities with the schools and the education department, and all the students, teachers and principals who supported and took part in the program to make it a successful one.

We have enjoyed doing this program and have learnt much from it.

Thank you again everyone!