Monday, August 23, 2010

Conservation Awareness & Biodiversity Education Program (CABEP) Competition 2010

The above event will be held at the New World Suite on the 28th August 2010 from 1:30-4:30pm.

This is the final part of the Natural Science Society’s “Conservation Awareness & Biodiversity Education Program 2010” jointly organised with the conservation department of the Sarawak Planted Forest and the Rotary Club of Bintulu, funded by a grant from CIMB Foundation.

Over 50 students from SMK Bintulu, Bandar and Kidurong have participated in this program which involved field trips to the Samarakan Training Center and Forest, attending lectures on topics relevant to conservation. The students utilise the knowledge they have gathered to do outreach projects such as talking to primary school students to tell them about conservation and biodiversity. The students have also carried out various conservation projects such as promoting the use of reuseable bags etc

This competition will see the team from each school giving a 30 minute presentation on Conservation and Biodiversity.

Program Summary as follows:

1.00pm: Arrival of participating teams
1:30pm: Arrival of guests
2:00pm: Welcoming Address by Organising Chairman
2:05pm: Speech by Special Guest
2:15pm: Competition begins.
4.00pm: Prize & Mementoes Presentation
4.30pm : Afternoon Tea

All members are welcome to support this event.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cold Blood & Sharp Teeth: Crocodiles

Audience at the Crocodile Talk in UPM
Rob Stuebing talking on Crocodiles

Ann, Warden of Similajau National Park raising questions.

Cold Blood and Sharp Teeth: Crocodiles by Rob Stuebing

Question for Rob Stuebing, do bones ingested by crocs harm them?
The Deputy Dean of UPM (Bintulu) presenting a memento to Rob Stuebing

The Deputy Dean of UPM(Bintulu) presenting a memento to Ms Monica Kusneti

Group photo with students from SMK Bintulu

Group photo with UPM students and organisers

We were very happy to welcome Mr. Rob Stuebing back to Bintulu on the 14th August 2010 to give us another excellent talk on Crocodiles, as well as his team from REA Kaltim, Kiki (Ms. Monica Kusneti)and Deni.The talk was held at the UPM(Bintulu) new lecture theater Dewan Kuliah 2, and was well attended by students/Interactors from SMK Bintulu and SMK Bandar as well as UPM students.

The Interactors were treated to a pre-lecture briefing on Conservation in Plantations, as part of their participation in the Natural Science Society's Conservation and Biodiversity Awareness Program 2010.

Mr. Stuebing gave an excellent talk which was both informative and entertaining, steming from his intimate knowledge of crocodiles and from the many years that he has worked with them.

The audience was mesmerized by his presentation and there were quite a few rounds of laughter too.

Many questions were raised after the talk, ranging from the best time to spot crocodiles in their natural surroundings, how to identify their genders and the mechanics of how crocodiles leap out of water.

Ms Monica Kusneti, conservation manager at REA Kaltim also gave a short talk on Reptiles Conservation at Lake Mesangat, an area rich with reptiles, in particular the false gharial. Yayasan Ulin(look for it on Facebook) has been set up to help manage the conservation area.

We would like to thank Rob, Kiki and Deni for visiting us and giving us the benefit of their knowledge and experience, and UPM(Bintulu) for hosting the event and all those who worked to make the event run so smoothly. Thank you all!
We look forward to Part 2 of Cold Blood and Sharp Teeth: SNAKES!....... coming soon!