Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NSSB visit to Bukit Sarang

On 23-24 May 2009 the NSSB members were invited to visit one of the unique conservation area in Sarawak Planted Forest Project area the BUkit Sarang Conservation Area.

Bukit Sarang is a limestone emergence in kakus. It is a small limestone hill full with small caves suitable for swiflet.

A sustainable harvesting of bird's nest has been implemented here. The visit is mainly to create awareness to NSSB members on the biodiversity that can be found around Bukit Sarang itself besides a learning experience on photography, bird watching and frogging at night.

Here are some lovely photos from my own rack during the visit to share with you all. Enjoy it!

A long way up through a cave called Lubang Pakan to reach to the top of Bukit Sarang

About an hour of climbing will brings you to the peak of Bukit Sarang.

At last...a group photo during the final day of the trip.
This is only the first series of the photographic updates during the visit. I will upload another series of photos during the trip after I am done with editing.

Hopefully the next trip will be more exciting and educating!!

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